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”You may say I’m a dreamer”

If you think we are a boutique, I am sorry, but you are wrong. We are not a company, not an organization, not a society. We are lunatic treasure hunters with a dream. The dream is to discover the dying weaving art forms and to try to revive them, to let you know the stories behind those Sarees and hand-loomed art workers you wear. The Sarees of our gallery are not for those who are not interested to know those stories. Because we are not in search of customers, we are in search of empaths. Empaths, who can understand the blurred vision of that weaver, weaved uncountable thread to provide you the Tulips or Birds you wanted in your Saree. Empaths, who can feel the pain of the artisans who are witnessing the dying art-form their forefathers adored. Yes, our materials are exclusive because those art forms and artists are exclusive because our needle workers are actually proficient storytellers. Taniyaj is just an effort to connect those exclusive Materials and the deserving customers. Taniyaj started its journey with little but strong steps, a strong-willed lady, and a lunatic art lover guy, that’s the team and you are our motivators. We welcome you to accompany us in this journey…..

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to rediscover the forgotten weaving art forms. We are just a medium. We are not willing to educate mass about the quality of handloom, the hard works of the artisans. There are a small group of people who are willing to hear the suppressed stories in each thread, to listen to the breaths of the workers. We are here to connect with that particular small group.Our Vision is nothing but the mental image we have about a flourishing Indian handloom industry, contended smiles of the recognized Artists. We feel delighted to exhibit the paintings of the celebrity Painters, we love to follow the trending Singer but why don’t we feel proud to wear a piece of art by a weaving artist. Yes, they are not workers, they are an artist. Those are not Sarees or handloom material, those are artworks. We are here to introduce you to those unsung heroes, to take you to the world of needle and thread, of dedication and glory.

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